Politics have gotten so out of control in this country. The more I pay attention, the more I’m likely to have a heart attack. Getting angry about things I cannot control is beyond stressful, so I’m respectfully resigning my interest in politics. Although I cannot avoid the news, I’m no longer actively seeking it out and am doing my best to ignore even article headlines.

This country has become a mockery of itself, an unprecedented American charade that willingly digs the hole deeper for insanely disgusting reasons. Getting intensely upset on a daily basis changes nothing except ensuring an increased negative impact on my well-being. And let’s be honest, there isn’t much to NOT get upset about anymore. The past is full of lessons we’ll never learn, the future is bleak, and the present is rotten.

I’ve spent eight years of my life under the spell of a nonstop obsession with national politics, and all I got was this lousy personality complex.

Oh, and PS: I take no sides. I hate the GOP and Democratic politicians equally. They’re all selfish corporate tools with no concept of national self-preservation. Picking one over the other is like choosing a homeopathic cure for cancer — dangerously pointless.